How can we beat procrastination?

After my melt down, I’ve been working on my energy levels. Have revolutionised my diet, gone vegetarian, eating blood-sugar balancing foods and I haven’t craved sugar once. Which is a miracle.  (I’m the woman who has been known to eat cake for breakfast and a Cadbury’s creme egg every afternoon!)

Having being a health journalist for many years, I’m always a bit dubious if the experts are right (always so much conflicting advice) but eating low GI foods, cooking from scratch, drinking gallons of water, eating buckets of veg – it really does work. I feel full of energy, I’m not hungry and I feel fantastic. I don’t ever weigh myself but I definitely think my muffin top is retreating too.

I’m still on 2 coffees a day. Every time I try to reduce it to one, I start shivering with flu-like symptoms and get a headache that feels like I’ve drunk a bucket of brandy the night before so I’m going to take it slowly and reduce grain by grain in the next month. But it’s still good news. 2 months ago I was on 10 coffees a day with 2 sugars per cup! So big improvement.

I’ve also been trying to create a few routines and systems. I can now find the dog lead and my phone – 90% of the time.

What isn’t working is the paperwork thing. I bought a basket to put all my papwerwork in. The idea was to sort out the paperwork once a week. Have I done it? Have I hell. My tax also needs sorting out and is due in by the end of July.

Anyway, I was thinking of having a PROCRASTINATION BUSTING WEEK, before the schools finish for the holidays.

I was thinking about hosting a ‘power-hour’ early in the morning for 5 days. We would write a huge list of all the jobs we’re avoiding and then get it done, en masse together. Ring in to a conference call/webinar, make a commitment and then power through all the jobs in the next 60 minutes. .

Even though I’m not a morning person, I’m finding that first thing really works.

The question I’m asking is….Would you join me from 6.30-7.30am for 5 days? Do you think it’s a good idea? It would be low-cost (around £21) but high energy. I’ll create some structure and an online place to meet with some inspirational quotes etc.

I’m thinking of the week commencing the 9th July (9/10/11/12/13 July)

Obviously, you could do whatever you wanted in that hour – you might want to write your novel for an hour/create a dreaded database/your tax but basically get stuck into any big job (s) you’ve been avoiding.

I know from the Big Leap Challenge there is great power in working together in a group.

What do you think? Would that work for you? Is the price right? Would you really get out of bed at that time for 5 days? Am I kidding myself?


Please leave a comment.

  1. FionaC

    Hey Suzy, Great idea. I have a degree in Procrastination!!! So totally on board with this one. 630am every morning to write one hour of my book. Count me in! FionaC xx

  2. Melissa

    I’m in – tell me where!

  3. Deborah

    Suzy – I would be very interested. Deborah

    • Nicola Markham David
      Nicola Markham David07-02-2012

      On second thoughts three of those days I am getting my toddler ready for nursery at exactly that time, sorry I forgot that when I replied! x I could do a different time of day to do the five days concurrently – how about 8 to 9pm?? x

  4. Jerf

    Great idea Suzy!

    I would definitely be up for that!

  5. Nicola Markham David
    Nicola Markham David06-29-2012

    Hi Suzy
    I could do this course + sort out all my hidden horror spots in the house – well just jumbled realy…or pitch but meant to have done that night before..Hope this helps
    Nic x

  6. Lesley

    Hi Suzy, sounds great if you don’t work, unfortunately not for me. I would imagine most people have commitments for that time time in a morning.

  7. Vivienne

    I think its a great idea, however as I get up at 3.30am to go to work I’ll already be an hour into my working day, and they dont allow us internet access at work in case we procrastinate… Still I always find if I get up early on my days off I can get through all my stuff on the to do list and its still only 10am in the morning,leaving the rest of the day to do other more fun stuff.

  8. Gill

    Hi Suzy,

    I think this is a great idea, but unfortunately I go swimming 7-8am three mornings a week, so I cannot take part.

    However I do find that getting up extra early to do chores I am too tired or stressed to do at night really works for me and would offer the following tip to anyone joining you in this exercise:

    Victor Kiam (American business guru) said that one of his tips for success was always doing first the job he wanted to put off until last – and i can tell you from past experience that this little tip really works. You feel so energised by doing the one big thing, that you fly through all the other little chores in no time!

    Good luck everyone – I am with you in spirit …

  9. Irene

    Suzy everything is great but it’s too early for me so I won’t be joining you – good luck with this new venture. Irene x

    • Suzy

      Have now changed the course so you can do it any time you like as long as you can commit to an hour a day for 5 days.
      Irene, I have your interview here but am delaying it ’til next week as I want to link it to a book I’m reading at the moment by Anna Quindlen and I haven’t quite finished the book yet. xxx

  10. Sarah

    Hi Suzy

    Great idea. Unfortunately, with two small ones I am usually up at that time sorting them out for school. Otherwise I would be up for that as I am definitely a morning person.

  11. Gina

    Hi Suzy,

    Great idea and great timing for me. My school holidays have just started today – I am a teacher in the Netherlands – and there are a number of jobs I could do, that I have been putting off for a while. And though I love the early light in the morning, I find it difficult to get up early and actually do something with those precious morning minutes. Also, just like Ros from Paris, I have the advantage of the one hour later.

  12. Suzanne Reynolds
    Suzanne Reynolds06-29-2012

    Fab idea….sadly I’m on holidays that week otherwise I would be in!!

    • Suzy

      Have a lovely holiday! x

  13. Shah

    I’m up for it. I’ll start with clutter clearance.


  14. Hayley

    Hi Suzy
    I love this idea, but it would be difficult for me as its a bit
    manic with two kids in the morning and I leave for work at 7am.
    I would if I could though!
    Def going to try and work through my stacks of
    paperwork th

  15. Deborah Taylor
    Deborah Taylor06-29-2012

    Hi Suzy, long time no hear (my fault!). I really like this idea. I have to admit 6.30 is a bit early for me as I often work til 1 or 2am, but with that said, no more excuses, I’m up for it.

    I need to do my accounts for 2011-12 and input my figures for 2012-13, too. As I’ve just finished a Money Breakthrough course and I’m about to move house, I think it would be the perfect answer to my ongoing resistance to sorting out the last bit of my money crap. Woohoo!


  16. Dee

    Hi Suzy,

    I think this is a great idea, exactly what I need with the 3 new projects that I have started.

    Perfect timing also, frees up the rest of my day to other things and get me out of bed early.


  17. Nicky

    Like the idea but! That week not good for me. Now is that just more procrastination. Defiantly like the idea of being accountable x

  18. Jo Thornton
    Jo Thornton06-29-2012

    Hi Suzy – I’ve just been reading this instead of doing the things that need doing! Procrastination rules! Love your idea – but that hour is when I’m charging around getting the kids ready for school. Hope it goes well! My paperwork is seriously mounting up too…….
    Jo x

  19. Aisha Sheikh-Anene
    Aisha Sheikh-Anene06-29-2012

    Hi Suzy, I think this is a great idea. I am not a morning person and I think this will be a great way to reduce stress for the rest of the day. The mornings have been generally beautiful and it would be good to take advantage in a truky positive way.

  20. Lucy

    Too early for me. I do shift work!

  21. Nicole

    Briliant idea – I need to do my long overdue paperwork too. Then again I live in Australia so the hours are perfect for me!!

  22. Ros

    Hey Suzy, I think its a great idea! Although just a thought: what is to stop the person i.e. me logging on and then going back to bed with her laptop and not doing anything.

    However I am up for it, I could do my writing in that time.

    Also it will be 7.30 – 8.30am as I am in Paris so not too early!!