Life Upgrade Programme

Life Upgrade

Do you want to change your life but always procrastinate? Do you keep you from being your best self? Do you deserve to upgrade your life? This programme is a culmination of my life’s work so far – from Making the Big Leap to ‘finding’ The Big Peace.

As we know, it’s not enough to feel inspired, you have to take the baby steps in the real world too – and that can be extremely tough as you face your inner demons and your fears.

This programme is an incredibly practical course where you are encouraged to not just feel better but to take concrete actions that change the way you do things.


  • You want to change your life but always procrastinate.
  • You consistently set goals that you never reach.
  • Your bad habits – drinking too much wine, eating junk, never exercising – keep you from being your best self.
  • You have lost direction and faith in yourself.
  • You always take on too much and never achieve what you want to achieve.
  • You consistently break promises to yourself.
  • You wake up every morning and think ‘there has to be another way’.


  • To set achievable goals and make them happen.
  • To set yourself up to succeed versus fail.
  • To build healthy habits that feed your energy.
  • To live a life of inspiration versus desperation.
  • To make the most difference to your life in 60 minutes.
  • To have fun and gently ease your way into a new way of being.
  • To think differently, not just do something different.
  • To be the creator of your life, not the victim of it.

The Life Upgrade Programme is about making small incremental changes every day that make you feel great about yourself and your life.

In the course of 12 months, we are going to tackle 12 different areas of your life – everything from money and relationships to health and work.

You are going to upgrade how you live your life in all areas of your life.

Although my philosophy is all about Big Leaps, we’re actually going to be working with small daily baby steps this year, and you will receive daily updates with information and advice to get you to where you want to be.  The Big Leaps will be your leaps in thinking as you build your confidence and go from victim ‘I can’t do this’ thinking to empowered ‘oh yes, I can’ thinking, building concrete evidence to prove that it’s true.

All of this for just £9 per month (for 12 months)!

I hope you will join me.

Suzy x

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