• Life Upgrade

    Why the power of habits will transform your life.

    Habits. I love them. Well, the good ones anyway. Learning about habits via Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit has been a revelation. And for this month on the Life Upgrade programme, where we have been focusing on improving our well-being and health …

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  • Stop Talking

    Stop talking, start listening

    What a month! I am so glad I have been focusing on Self Care in June as our second month of the Upgrade programme. It’s really helped me keep calm, during this month of upheaval and uncertainty.  I’ve been trying to stay aware of my …

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  • Desk

    Upgrading and surrendering

    In May, I started the Upgrade Life Programme and in month one, we’re de-cluttering. I’m sitting here with a beautifully clear desk – and because it was my birthday month my lovely friend bought me a ‘Suzy’s novel’ notebook in bright pink. As I’m about …

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  • Suzy1

    18 things I wish I’d known at 18

    It’s my birthday today. May the fourth be with you. I’m 48. 30 years since my 18th birthday. Here are some of the things I wish I’d known when I was 18. 1. ‘This too shall pass’ Learn to embrace the good, bad and ugly …

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